Cal Treat fails to lower Calcium Hardness

            Products Affected: 

            Cal Treat™ 


            After treating with Cal Treat, Calcium Hardness levels do not lower significantly, or may slightly increase. 


            There are two possible causes:

            Filter Issues

            Filter Type: Early on, we found that sand and cartridge give unreliable results. The medium in cartridge and sand do not filter a low enough micron to filter out the calcium after it has reacted to the chemical. We have updated our packaging to specify D.E filters.

            Filter Probem: In the case of D.E. filters, if there is damage to the filter grid, or insufficient D.E., calcium will be unable to filter out.


            Often it has been reported that Cal Treat will remove scale present. In these cases, the calcium in the water will not be affected or filtered out, but scale will be removed. Occasionally, this can cause a temporary increase to hardness levels until it is filtered out through the system.


            1. Only use the product in D.E. Filters. Inspect the filter system to ensure there is no damage to the filter grids prior to use. If you decide to use the product in a Cartridge filter, consider using a filter aid and allow the filter to become dirty prior to use.

            2. Treat calcium scale prior to treatment. Using a scale remover that dissolves calcium into the water will cause a net increase in water hardness. However, you can then proceed to use Cal Treat to filter out said calcium levels, often with more dramatic and faster results.

            Updated: 22 Jun 2017 04:49 AM
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