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            Cobalt Cure 2lb

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            General Info
            Product Name: Cobalt Cure
            Product Type: 
            Stain Remover + Preventative
            Available Sizes: 2lb
            Dosage: 2lb per 7,500 gallons
            Active Ingredient: Proprietary
            Appearance: White salt granules
            First Introduced: Early 1990's

            Surface: Fiberglass
            Sanitizer: All 
            Filter: All

            We believe Fiberglass should live up to it’s promise of being an easy surface to take care of. However, cobalt staining can turn fiberglass into an eye-sore. Cobalt Cure® is specifically for “cobalting”; the phenomenon where cobalt is leached from the resin of fiberglass. Cobalt Cure® will remove these spots in 3 days or less without draining.

            Never drain your pool or spa without advice from the manufacturer or qualified professional. Improper draining can cause your fiberglass pool to “pop” or oat out of the ground - causing extensive damage.

            1. Turn off the pump.

            2. Add 2 gallons of Muriatic Acid or 2 lbs. of No Mor Muriatic Acid® or 5 lbs. of Easy Acid® per 15,000 gallons of pool water to lower Total Alkalinity.
            Note: Total Alkalinity must reach zero. If Total Alkalinity is not zero, more acid will need to be added.
            3. Add 2 bottles of Cobalt Cure® per 15,000 gallons and brush the entire pool. Let stand for 24 hours or until spots disappear.

            4. Re-balance pH using pH increaser or Easy pH®. Pump may be turned back on once pH reaches 7.2 or higher.

            5. To prevent re-occurrence of cobalting, add one capful of Cobalt Cure® per 3,000 gallons every week. If spots begin to reappear, double the dose. Maintain a Total Alkalinity below 70 ppm.
            Updated: 22 Jun 2017 08:58 AM
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