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            Monthly Pool Maintenance

            While most of your pool maintenance is performed on a weekly basis, it's a good habit to perform a check on these items once a month. Performing a visual inspection once per month can catch problems early before they become costly or dangerous.

            1. Check your filter system: Go around your filter system and check that all the seals and fittings are in good shape and free from leaks. If it's been a month since the last time you back-washed your filter, now would be an appropriate time.
            Tip: An item that often needs replacement is the o-ring seal around the pump basket lids.

            2. Inspect Your Surface: Check for any major changes to the surface;
              • Vinyl: Check for tears, rips or holes that may require repairs
              • Plaster: Check for cracks or pitting on the surface.

            3. Check Tile/Grout: Check the tile, paying particular attention to where the water line is. Clean as necessary.

            4. Perform Safety Check: Make sure that all steps/ladders/handrails are secure. Check that the main drain cover is secure and that you have a locking pool fence/gate to prevent accidental drownings.

            Updated: 01 Aug 2017 06:11 AM
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