Pool Stain Treat reaction with Super Stain Treat

            Products Affected: 

            Pool Stain Treat®, Super Stain Treat™ 


            Immediately treating with Pool Stain Treat® after using Super Stain Treat™  causes new staining.


            Due to the nature of how Pool Stain Treat® and Super Stain Treat™ chemically remove the staining, they can "counteract" eachother. This is because they remove the stain through opposite reactions. This is not so much an issue when first treating with Pool Stain Treat®.


            As per the directions on Super Stain Treat™, wait at least three (3) days before following treatment with Pool Stain Treat® for prevention. The additional time ensures that the Super Stain Treat™ is finished reacting.

            Updated: 20 Jun 2017 08:21 AM
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