Streaks after Stain Remover Application

            Products Affected

            Stain Removers (Citrus Treat, Pool Stain Treat, Super Stain Treat).


            When a stain remover is applied, only areas where the chemical settled are stains removed, leaving a clean area or "streak".


            When granules of the stain remover settle on the surface, they react most in the immediate vicinity where the chemical is at it's highest concentration. This results in only those areas with direct contact being treated, while the rest of the stains are unaffected.


            Dissolving the stain remover in a bucket of water will help keep the chemical in suspension, effectively treating the entire surface evenly and reducing chances of clean streaks appearing in the pool. In cases where streaks have already appeared, simply repeating the treatment with the chemical dissolved in a bucket before adding it to the pool should rectify the issue.
            Updated: 16 Aug 2017 04:31 AM
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