Super Stain Treat™

            Super Stain Treat 2.5lb

            At a Glance

            General Info
            Product Name: Super Stain Treat
            Product Type: Stain Remover
            Available Sizes: 2.5lb
            Dosage: 2.5lb per 15,000 gallons
            Active Ingredient: Proprietary
            Appearance: White salt granules
            First Introduced: Early 1990's

            Surface: All
            Sanitizer: All 
            Filter: All


            Sometimes conventional methods don’t cut it – and something unconventional is needed. We believe in providing the unconventional – the “Super” – and that’s where Super Stain Treat™ comes in. Super Stain Treat™ is a unique formula that attacks stains in a very different way. Plus, it works in every type of pool. Super Stain Treat™comes to the rescue where conventional stain removers fail.


            Note: It is very important that the directions for this product must be followed as closely as possible in order to achieve the desired results. If all directions are followed, stain removal will happen quickly and effortlessly.

            1. Turn off the pump.

            2. Lower chlorine level to below 0.3 ppm.

            3. Lower pH to below 7.2 for this product to work at its highest effectiveness.

            4. Add one 2.5 lb. container of Super Stain Treat™ per 15,000 gallons of water.

            5. After 1 hour, brush the pool.

            6.Raise the pH and turn on the pump.

            7. After 4 days, add 2 lbs. of Pool Stain Treat® per 20,000 gallons of water to minimize future staining as per directions. Pool Stain Treat® should be used every 60 days.

            Known Issues

            Updated: 22 Jun 2017 08:58 AM
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